Welcome to Portmoak Primary School

Our school is at the heart of the local community, located in Kinnesswood on the banks of Loch Leven. Staff, parents and pupils work together to make Portmoak a happy place to work and learn.

Headteacher's Welcome

Staff, pupils and parents worked on making our school aims something which would allow people to get an instant flavour of Portmoak Primary’s ethos, but which was simple enough to be shared and understood by even our youngest pupils. Our vision of ‘Being the best I can be in Portmoak’ focuses on Learning, Inclusion, Friendship and the Environment and our value statement poster was designed with our eco and outdoor learning credentials in mind.

Portmoak is a friendly wee school of 5 classes overlooking Loch Leven in Kinross-shire. We are proud of our reputation as a very good school at the heart of the community. We are pleased to have achieved four Eco-Schools Green Flags and are receivers of the School Sport Award (Silver), Digital Schools Award and Rights Respecting Schools Award (Silver).

We respect the rights of our children by teaching our learners about their rights and supporting them to enjoy their rights as they grow and develop.  Positive relationships are a key feature of Portmoak Primary School and our rights-respecting ethos contributes to an environment where pupils feel valued, nurtured and included.



24-03-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 24-03-2023 12:35

End Time: 24-03-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Red Meal: Hot filled chicken wrap with pasta salad. Blue Meal: Breaded fish with chips. Orange Meal: Veggie nuggets (v) with chips. Sides: Peas. Dessert: Jelly with peach slices (ve).

27-03-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 27-03-2023 12:35

End Time: 27-03-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Starter: Breadsticks with dip (v). Red Meal: Meatballs in tomato sauce with pasta. Blue Meal: Tuna mayo wrap with mixed salad. Orange Meal: Quorn dog roll (v) with mixed salad. Sides: Peas and sweetcorn.

28-03-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 28-03-2023 12:35

End Time: 28-03-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Red Meal: Roast beef in gravy with yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes. Blue Meal: Chicken tacos with rice. Orange Meal: Cheese finger roll (v) with mixed salad. Sides: Mixed vegetables. Dessert: Cinnamon swirl with apple (v).

29-03-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 29-03-2023 12:35

End Time: 29-03-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Starter: Lentil soup (ve). Red Meal: Mild chicken curry with rice. Blue Meal: Fish fingers with diced potatoes. Orange Meal: Creamy tomato pasta. Sides: Peas.

30-03-2023 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 30-03-2023 12:35

End Time: 30-03-2023 13:35

Additional Info: Red Meal: Traditional mince with boiled potatoes. Blue Meal: Cheese and tomato pizza (v) with pasta salad. Orange Meal: Vegetable bean burger roll (v) with mixed salad. Sides: Broccoli. Dessert: Chocolate brownie with banana (v)